A carpet cleaner is the best machine that helps you to keep your carpet clean and sparkling. I was searching for a good carpet cleaner that would be affordable and would solve my purpose of cleaning my carpets as well. I then came across the Royal Pro Series Ultra Spin Carpet Cleaner. This carpet cleaner comes from the Royal series and is one of the best. I have had this particular unit for a long time and it does really well in cleaning the stairs and also places that are unreachable. It also has a powerful hosepipe that does the trick of cleaning the carpet well.

The Royal Pro series carpet cleaner is very smooth on my carpets and it is better than any other carpet cleaner.

The carpet cleaner has a 510.0-ampere motor along with a comfortable handle for smooth and comfortable grip. The handle of the grip is long for interior corner and the nozzle is about 11.25 inches and it is soft, smooth and comfortable on wheels. Floor squeegee is included for hard floors. There are five counter rotating, anti microbial brushes and 30 foot power cord and is accompanied by a 32-oz carpet cleaning solution along with a 32-oz carpet solution. The carpet cleaner also includes a 3-year warranty.


This carpet cleaner cleans very well and cleans even in the most interior parts of the corners of the room. At the same time it also has a carpet cleaning solution that helps the carpet to clean perfectly with a fragrant smell.


The carpet has no reports of failure as such and is doing really well compared to all the carpet cleaners.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the top of the line carpet cleaners that I have used for cleaning my carpets. They feature the best filtration and cleaning performance and are available at all authorized dealers. The Royal Pro Series Ultra Spin Carpet Cleaner comprises of a 10.0-ampere motor along with a D grip comfortable handle. It also comprises of an 11.25-inch cleaning path. The vacuum collector comes with a dust collection bag and gets its power from an electric cord. It is an upright carpet cleaner, which has a large brush head and is an ideal option for deep cleaning.

One of the best I’ve used!