I am really happy with the way the Oreck Revitalize Carpet Cleaner works and performs. I have previously rented carpet cleaners to clean my carpet, but this is far better when compared to the rented carpet cleaners. I used this carpet cleaner for almost 3 years and I do not really remember of any complaint that I have faced with this cleaner. This is why I would suggest you to try this carpet cleaner out.

The Oreck Revitalize Carpet Cleaner is a whole new way to deep clean carpets in the best possible way. The carpet cleaner comprises of a duo scrub technology that makes it easy to remove all kinds of stains that have been there for years. Now cleaning your carpet is no more a tedious job.

The special features for this carpet cleaning machine

  • The carpet cleaner comprises of a two-tank technology along with smart suction technology and a 26 ft. power cord that can help you to reach far areas. It can even help you to clean stairs, as well as furniture and areas that are hard to clean with hands. It also helps to clean upholstery like sofas and curtains.
  • Along with a power cord, the carpet cleaner has a 12. 5 inches nozzle that can be removed when not in use.
  • The carpet cleaner approximately weighs around 16lbs and is available with a Tool-Free Removable Handle and Rubber Wheels.
  • It also includes a 16 oz. bottle Oreck Elite Ultra Carpet Cleaning Solution. The carpet cleaner is a sleek and lightweight product that can be stored after usage. At the same time it has two tanks that allow storage of clean as well as dirty water separately.

Final Thoughts

Considering the features, it is now time to make your decision while buying the best brand of carpet cleaner. I loved the duo scrub technology that can wash out stains with ease and the above floor cleaning that is used to clean hard to reach areas and interior corners.

A great idea for 2 tanks technology that keep dirty water and clean water separate and a smart suction removable nozzle.

This carpet-cleaning machine also makes floor cleaning less problematic as you do not have to use your hands. Choose the one that suits you best and which is affordable for you as well.