I have always been a man of action and not words, and that is why I have always believed in the best for my home care products. That is why I have chosen The BISSELL® Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine™ Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner for all my carpet cleaning needs. I was searching for a good machine that would be reliable and would suffice my requirements. This is when I found this brand new carpet cleaner that would change my life forever.

Why did I choose the Big Green Deep Cleaning Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner to be the best? This carpet cleaner is different from the rest of the carpet cleaners that I searched for, and has this extraordinary capability of cleaning carpets with its super powerful motors and an extra large brush roll that helps to pull out the dirt from deep down.

The special features for this carpet cleaning machine

The Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine has some special features that make it really attractive and purchasable as well. It can clean on the forward and the backward pass smoothly. This not only reduces the cleaning time, but also dries more rapidly than the rented cleaners.

  • Apart from that, the carpet has rotating dirt lifter power brushes to remove all kinds of dirt from deep down.
  • This carpet cleaner also helps to remove mold and mildews, pests that might cause allergies and other substances as well.
  • The carpet cleaner has a big clean and dirty removable water tank that helps to hold adequate amount of water so that you have to make fewer trips to the basin. This means that the time consumed also becomes less. The carpet cleaner comprises of stain tools for areas that are hard to reach with naked eyes.
  • The carpet cleaner is accompanied by a Bissell 2x Professional deep cleaning Formula, which helps in deep cleansing, and easy drying compared to all other rental carpet cleaners.

Final Thoughts

The carpet cleaner is made with some of the best materials that make it durable and long lasting as well as hardy as well. It has specially been designed for cleaning carpets all through with its anti tip design and vigorous workmanship all through. The Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine is definitely better than all the rental carpet cleaners that I hired previously. The Dirt lifter brushes can rotate for better power and helps to remove tough stains of food, oil and paints. The long hose and tough stain tool makes cleaning easier especially for stairs and hard to reach areas. Check the tanks when you feel that the flow indicator is giving out alarms for water and the solution level. Use this carpet cleaner to get the best out of your carpets. I have used it as well and got great results!