Find the best carpet cleaner

Hi, I’m Anthony. I have a bit of a weird obsession with carpet cleaners, specifically identifying which ones are the best for different situations. How did this website come about? Well after I saved a few of my friends and family a lot of money, they recommended I put all my knowledge in one place – thus, Clean Carpet Guru was born.

I’ve boiled it down to three simple things that contribute to the end result of ‘how good’ a carpet cleaner really is: Price, Style & Functionality… But more on those three important factors later.

I understand how hard it is to make the right buying decision. There are over 500 different carpet cleaning machines with around 43 different brands. That means there’s a lot of researching that needs to be done to ensure you’re making the right investment for you and your home. Cheap cleaners break within a week, expensive cleaners tend to be ‘too‘ bulky, I’ve made it my job to put together this guide to help you in the long run.

I’ve done the research – I’ve taken apart steam cleaners to see how they work. I have invested over 400 hours of my precious time investigating and testing what makes a good cleaner… clean. I’ve interviewed the experts, I’ve spoken to various domestic cleaning companies, I’ve taken notes. Why do I do this? Simple – to provide intangible advice for both myself and you guys. With all my knowledge combined I’ve decided to focus on showing you, the end consumer, how to pick the very best carpet cleaner.

Why listen to me?

After rigorous testing, I’ve come to the conclusion that the three factors that every consumer should consider before making a carpet cleaning purchase are price, style and function.

Price: Pricing effects everything. Are you willing to invest a bit more for a quality assured product? Some cheaper cleaners are actually better than the more expensive ones, so I’ve made it to my mission to find them and they are listed below.

Style: If you’re an individual that wants to show your guests your new carpet cleaner, style is very important. Some cleaners are square and bulky, some are slender and some are small. There several varieties of shape, size and colors. Choose one you feel most comfortable with. However, do your research before hand, the ‘nice’ looking carpet cleaners may not be the best performing, thus it would be a waste of money and time.

Function: This is probably one of the most important aspects with regards to buying a deep cleaning carpet machine. Thoroughly check what the machine does, the amount of settings it has and if it’s applicable with your current carpet. Some machines only work on smaller fibers whereas others work on thicker fibers. I’ve tried my best to distinguish which is best for what.

I am a person who believes in the tiny luxuries of life that comes along with a clean and fresh smelling carpet. You think I am joking, don’t you? I always believe that my carpet should be clean and bright with no wine stains, animal stains or food stains.

There are people who can spend years and years, carrying on with the same smelly carpet that is now torn and tattered- but not me. I remember purchasing a brand new carpet with vibrant colors and designs. Now don’t you think that this carpet should be well maintained so that it remains fresh, clean and bright for years so that it can be used by my children, grandchildren and so on.

So the main crux of the story line is people like me who are clean and finicky about carpets should invest in a good carpet cleaner that is genuine and reliable enough to keep my carpet sparkling clean. I have tried various cleaners out and they are just wonderful when it comes to fulfilling my dreams of a fresh smelling, clean and spotless carpet!


Identify what style you want to go for. Do you want big and industrially bulky? Or do you want sleek and modern? Style effects usage to and extent.


Next, identify the functions you require. Some households have furry pets so it’s vital they get a carpet cleaner that adheres to certain hair cleaning functionalities.


Last but not least, price. How much are you willing to invest into a deep clean carpet steamer? Just remember, if it’s cheap don’t expect it to last too long.

Top 10: Best Carpet Cleaner Reviews

The following reviews are the result of 6 years spent researching, buying and comparing notes. With regards to price, style & function I have found the best carpet cleaners money can buy. As mentioned, I have taken apart cleaners to see how they work and to see if I can find any faults. Here’s my top 10 reviews of the best carpet cleaners.

My Pick

Right from the get go – The Bissell Big Green is the best. It’s usually for domestic users but if you have a smaller room I’ll be showing you a list of runner ups with more house relevant cleaners.

When it comes it comes to identifying the ‘cream of the crop’ so to speak, many aspects come into play. Above everything, I tend to look for a cleaner that can actually… clean. I don’t care about the aesthetics of it, I just want it to perform well, get the stains out of my carpet and leave it smelling, looking and feeling brand new. At the end of the day, you could be spending upwards of $250 for something that looks nice, but if it doesn’t perform then it’ll be a waste of time and money, thus you’ll still have those stubborn stains and horrible feel to your carpet.

To no avail, I’ve wasted a lot of money on carpet cleaners and steamers. I was having a chat with one of the local carpet cleaning companies near me and the experts suggested to test one of Bissell’s cleaners. Now, up until this point I’d never really used Bissell for any of my carpets. However, I would never go back to any other cleaner. I’ll tell you why.

The Bissell Big Green got all the wine stains, animal stains and general horrid waste out of my carpet. My carpet has had the same wine stain in it for 5 years until this baby came along. In literally 6-8 minutes, it had lifted the dirt from my cream carpet and left it soft and clean (almost like new).

Who should buy a carpet cleaner?

There can be several answers to this question, however, the most common misconception occurs when someone asks themselves “do I really need one or should I just rent one?” The answer to this is fairly simple, you’ll save money, time and you can clean more when you buy a carpet cleaner.

If you’re not keen on having to hire a team of carpet cleaners every time you want the grime out of your carpet but you want a deep clean at least once a week, then you’re in the perfect position to invest in something that can provide a cost effective cleaning solution.

So who needs a carpet cleaner… Everyone does. If you have carpet in your living space, you need to get the dirt out and sanitize it to ensure it remains clean. A study was conducted in 2008 that came to the conclusion that a frequently cleaned home improves an individuals health and well being. In fact, the study showed that having a clean carpet positively effected families with young children.

The way it works – a detergent solution and water are firstly applied to the carpet fibers. The deep cleaning machine is then run over the carpet vacuuming up the water, dirt and grime whilst drying the carpet fibers.

Using a normal vacuum cleaner is not as efficient as we once thought; the dirt stays embedded into the carpet and you wont even notice it until you use a steam carpet cleaner. For example the Rug Doctor has two brushes underneath designed to deep clean every angle of individual carpet fiber, impressive stuff.

Depending on what you want, there are several settings you can choose that vary in the machines cleaning ability on different carpet types.

Have you ever vacuumed your carpet? Anyone can master a carpet cleaner. You’ll find your self pulling it out the cupboard every chance you get to run it around the house.

If you ask me for the main essentials when buying a carpet cleaner, there are several I can suggest. However, why should you actually listen to me? You should, because I am experienced with the different factors situated around carpet cleaning because I have bought a number of carpet cleaners and I have come to a conclusion that these factors are very important when buying a carpet cleaner. These are a few factors that I would suggest to you while buying a carpet cleaner. Try and follow these rules:

The price factor

When it comes to buying a carpet cleaner, you need to consider the price. Price is always a variable unit that you can choose from. I always do the same. There are cheap cleaners as well as the expensive ones and you should always cut your coat according to your cloth and buy the one that would be best for you. Some cheap ones are as good as the expensive ones.

The size of the cleaner

If you are looking for a sleek and trendy carpet cleaner then I would suggest that they are a bit more expensive than the bulkier ones. The bulkier carper cleaners are, however bulkier and heavier, but they are definitely more efficient and reliable. However, in today’s society, everyone, including me likes a sleek and trendy carpet cleaner that is light weight, easy to carry and is easy to store as well.

The efficiency of the carpet cleaner

After the style and the price comes the efficiency factor. Before purchasing a carpet cleaner, I always check the machine, ask for a live demonstration by the sales representative and also look through the guidebook for any kind of functions and settings that I am not clear with. It is important that you look for any kind of malfunctioning in the equipment. Carpet cleaners also are available in a variety of colors and sizes and you should buy the one that you feel is looks good.

Advice for Pet Lovers

If you have animals, a steam carpet cleaner is a must! Animals leave stains and smells embedded into the fibers of a carpet and prove to be a pain to get rid of with a traditional vacuum. However, with the use of a professional steam cleaner, the dirt is a thing of the past.

I used to have a cat (he has since passed away) that soiled my cream carpet a few times and left it stained and smelly. Until I fell in love with deep carpet steam cleaners, I had tried a few different vacuums, scrubs and scrapers but to no avail they just didn’t perform well.

The reason why deep cleaners are so good for pet stains and smells is because they get right into the fibers and element grime at a cellular level. By breaking down cellular composites, the cleaners are able to remove any trace of dirt.

I’ve found that there are carpet cleaners specifically designed for pets, for example the Bissell ProHeat which offers two cleaning modes, one for really tough pet stains and the other for quick clean upsbut they are really the same as normal carpet cleaners. They have the same cleaning abilities.

What are the benefits of a clean carpet?

People have always questioned me about the health benefits of carpet cleaning. Now how can a clean carpet be beneficial for health? These are the reasons I always give to my friends regarding the benefits of carpet cleaning.

  • Carpet cleaning helps to eliminate the toxic waste substances and the pollutants that are trapped in the carpet after a long time.
  • Did you ever know that carpets are the favorite place for our friendly neighborhood pests? They can be really irritating at times. Pests like mites, and microscopic critters can cause direct allergies with their faeces.
  • Your carpet may also contain mold or microscopic fungus and mildew growth.

I will always recommend you to invest in a professional carpet cleaner for keeping your carpets clean because of these reasons. Though they might sound really trivial, they may cause a great deal of allergies and infections. The reality is clean carpets are related to cleaner indoor air and improved breathing as well and this is how you can live a clean and a healthy life if you keep your carpets clean and fresh.

Home Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are one of the greatest things that adorn our living rooms. But what is it really gets dirty and scrubby? You can try from a variety of options that includes purchasing a carpet cleaning machine, renting a machine, hiring a professional who will help you clean your carpets or other options like cleaning the carpet at home. The best option is purchasing carpet-cleaning machines that would save your time as well as your money.

Testing the cleaning machines

Many different machines were tested for performance and quality. However first the surroundings needed to be well prepared so that the carpet cleaners could be tested. After hours of work, the place looked as if a gang of dirty kids had run all across the room with muddy sneakers and wet feet. The panels of the carpet were entrenched with buddy soil, garbage and stain repellents and the room in all looked like a total mess. Then came the testing phase where each carpet cleaner was tested by its manufacturer and passed over the area for about 20 times.

It was seen that machines were better when it came to removing entrenched soil because they had strong and powerful motors. The full sized models did a good job in removing the dirt. Bissell and Hoover suggested that their cleaning solutions be used for a better performance. Most of the manufacturers who tried out their machines were good performers when it came to cleaning carpets.

Would you rent?

The Rug Doctor’s carpet cleaner can be rented all over the world for $20 to $30 per 24 hours. It cleaned really well and the best part was that it could cover a large area even before emptying the dirty water. The only negative about this cleaner was that, it was really heavy and left the carpet dripping wet. This means that you really need to wait for a long period of time before walking on the carpet and putting all the furniture back into the room. A dehumidifier needs to be used to soak up the water quickly. The carpet cleaner definitely costs a fortune.

Hoover was also tested for cleaning carpets and it amazingly surpassed all customer expectations by cleaning dirt really well. It was amazingly good compared to all other carpet cleaners as even the best carpet cleaners left behind a little dirt. Stanley also helped to completely remove tough stains from carpets.

How to choose the best carpet cleaner

Entrenched dirt requires to be cleaned really well. In case of confusion, you can always check your carpets warranty period or the manufacturer’s website for suggestions on how to clean the carpet. It is advisable to check the instruction in case it might damage the carpet. Some of the companies do not use stain treatments on a regular basis as it might damage the carpet.

Always focus on the features before anything else

Separate tanks for hot water and cleaning solutions may help to refill quickly as water needs to be refilled often. A smaller tank requires more amount of refilling. Also check the machine for moving options, as you would need to carry the machine up and down. If you are planning to clean upholsteries or staircases, always prefer attachments.

Doing it the right way, the first time

You should always be extra cautious while dealing with water and electricity. Plug in the machine into an outlet, which comprises of a ground fault circuit interrupter. If the machine is being used for a long period of time, cover your ears with a protector. Also, do not place any furniture on the carpet till it is wholly dry.

Vent properly

Some stain removers and solutions tend to emit fumes and toxic smells so always be sure to open the windows and turn on the fans while cleaning. This is important if you have kids at home or people with respiration problems. Some homes also have pets in them. The carpet should be cleaned properly so that there are no furs in them.

Things to consider when picking a carpet cleaner

If you have a carpet at home, it needs to be cleaned occasionally. If you are a person who cleans his carpets on a regular basis, then it is advisable to go for a carpet cleaner.

Full sized cleaners

These cleaners are lightweight and less bulky than the usual rental machines. They work by scrubbing a solution of water and detergent and then vacuuming water and dirt. They take up a good amount of space and can be expensive as well. Some of them also require a special detergent for cleaning.

Compact cleaners

A compact cleaner is easier to use compared to the heavier cleaners. It also takes up less storage space sand can be stored on shelves by folding them. The Bisell Spot Bot is a compact cleaner that has a button that can be pushed and left to it for cleaning stains. It helped remove the toughest of stains from a carpet treated with stain protector, however it did not perform well in untreated carpets.

Pay attention to the Attachments

A carpet cleaner should have features to clean upholstery, bare floors, tight stains and spots in unreachable areas between furniture.
Many carpet cleaners have belts that need to be replaced over time. It can be done at home. Many machines are also available with extra belts for replacement.

A moving brush helps to scrub well than a machine with no brushes or fixed brushes. Choose a machine with moving brushes though it cannot always ensure well cleaning at all times.

The larger the tank, the less likely you would need to refill, however a larger tank means a heavier machine that might be difficult to maneuver.

If the cleaner were heavier, it would be difficult to move around. Thus, a cleaner with a longer hose is always preferable for cleaning a flight of stairs.

A separate soap dispenser helps to mix the right amount of water with soap ratio and shuts off to allow rinsing with clean water.

Indicator lights alert you when the tank would need to be refilled or the dirty water tank needs to be emptied.

Some carpet cleaners have automatic shut off features that stop extractor suction when the dirty water tank is full.

Most of us vacuum our carpets on a regular basis- but how many of us really wash our carpets? Washing is not a very frequent activity that is done in every household. We usually wash our carpets once or twice in a lifetime.

It is however important to know, what lies in this deep tied fibres that are being used day after day. Whether you have a luxurious carpet or an economy budget carpet, all carpets have fibres, which is a good hiding place for bugs, pests, fleas and allergens, chemicals and dust.

Have you ever thought about it? Every time you walk on those carpets, you are instigating the dirt and the bugs and are sending them deeper into the pile of fiber. Though your carpet looks just fine from top, it has all that is needed to start a good number of sneezes and respiratory problems. Vacuuming can help at some point of time, but your carpet needs to be washed at some point of time to keep airborne particles from coming back.

How steam helps the cleaning process

Steam is known to be a very helpful property while cleaning carpets. That is because; steam is very hot and helps to kill a good number of bacteria and pests that are hiding within the carpet. It also helps to get rid of 100% of allergy producing bugs like dust and mites.

A steam carpet cleaner also helps to reduce the amount of drying time after washing your carpets. Wet carpets can help to instigate fungus. Moulds and mildew can also help to instigate respiratory problems or wheezing.

Chemicals involved

Chemicals and toxic products can obstruct your respiratory system. Though chemicals are sometimes needed to clean your carpets, it is important to choose a cleaner that can rinse the fibres thoroughly well, so that they are clean and dry like new. Try and avoid purchasing chemical cleaners for cleaning your carpets.

Easy to use equipment

It is always suggested that a carpet should be cleaned twice in a year. However, always try a way that is simple and not time consuming. Always consider the following options while cleaning a carpet.

· How heavy is the carpet cleaner? Can it be moved around? This is really important as carpet cleaners need to be light so that it can be carried around. Consider the height and weight of the carpet cleaner before purchasing the same.

· How large is the water reservoir in your cleaner? If you usually have a bigger area to clean, you would need a bigger tank and more water so that you do not have to run about filling water 10 times.

· Consider the length and the attachment of the power chords. The machines with longer hoses and power chords are easier to manoeuvre, as they do not have to be pulled to and for cleaning stairs and unreachable areas. Extra power chords also mean that you would not have to bend down to plug and unplug

Other things to consider when choosing a carpet cleaner

Before you order a carpet cleaner as you feel that the reviews are amazing and it is simple to use the same, there are few things to consider. Make sure that the carpet cleaner is suitable for you. It should suit your requirements and you should not just buy it because of word of mouth. Not all carpet cleaners are same. Conduct a though research before buying a carpet cleaner. Consider your area, the kind of carpet you have and the model that would suit you the best and then step forward.

You might need a carpet cleaner that can deal with tough stains or a carpet cleaner that also clean upholsteries, sofas and stairs. There are assortments of options that are available. Before purchasing a carpet cleaner look into each and every customer reviews as well as different models. You can also search in the various websites for different models with different prices and buy the one that would suit you the best.

How to remove tough stains

Removing tough stains using a carpet cleaner is fun. It’s a pretty straight forward process when you know how to do it. With the velocity and power to remove several years old wine and dirt stains, these cleaning machines are a great investment.

So, how exactly do they work?

Before you do anything, ensure you have vacuumed all visible dirt so you have a dust free canvas. Now plan your attack – Clean one room at a time. Move all your furniture into another room to protect it from chemically wet carpet.

First you’ll have to purchase a stain removing solution. After the solution has been applied to all areas of the carpet or a specific stain spot, you’ll have to give it 10-15 minutes for the carpet fibers to soak up the cleaning solution. In this time frame, the chemicals take effect and start to brake down the dirt and stains on a molecular level. Next, if it’s applicable,  fill up your carpet cleaner with either water or the soap solution provided. Plug the carpet cleaner into a power source and turn the machine on. The rotatory cleaner underneath should start to spin.

Add a cleaning solution to the machine, for example I’d recommend Bissell’s Cleaning Formula. The instructions for this solution mention that:

For Bissell full size machines with Formula / SmartMix Tank: add 1 cup (8 oz.) of hot tap water to the formula tank and then add formula to the fill line B. For other full size machines and rental machines: add 1 ¼ capfuls (2.5 oz total) to each gallon of hot tap water.

Now, think strategically. What is the most viable way to clean? Start from the far corner of the room and work backwards so you don’t have to step on the wet carpet.

Move the machine up and down in a vertical motion ensuring you have covered every fiber. You’ll start to see the vacuum function start to pick up the dirt and as you pull away, the carpet should change color. Thus, effectively cleaning and sanitizing that section of the room. Once you have completely finished deep cleaning the room, let the carpet dry entirely before moving all the furniture back in.

That’s all there is to it!