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How To Get Red Wine Out Of Carpet

How to get red wine out of carpet After a long week, there’s nothing better than relaxing with a glass of wine.  While the occasional vino can be good for us, it’s unfortunately not so great for our carpets and red wine in particular can leave a nasty stain if not treated correctly.  In this […]

How To Get Tea Stains Out Of Your Carpet

In the UK, they drink a staggering 100 million cups of tea a day. With our increasingly busy lives, the odd accident can be expected – including spilling tea on your precious carpets.  If left untreated, spilled tea can stain carpets and rugs but, don’t panic, there are a few ways that you can remove tea […]

How To Remove Carpet Bugs and Beatles From Your Carpet

Our carpets are an integral part of our homes and are often chosen to add style and luxurious warmth to a room.  While we love our carpets, so too do some uninvited guests – carpet bugs.   Carpet creepy crawlies Carpet bugs, also known as carpet beetles, are an inch long nuisance – but it’s their […]

How To Remove Dog And Cat Smell From Carpet

Whether you’re dotty about dogs or crazy about cats, our furry friends are part of the family and provide companionship, entertainment and, can even be extremely beneficial to our wellbeing.  It’s natural to want to keep our pets indoors with us and, while cats and dogs love carpets, the feeling is often not mutual.  If […]

How To Clean Carpet By Hand

When our carpets become dirty or stained, most of us will naturally reach for the vacuum cleaner or washer, however, this plan can come unstuck if your device isn’t working or you don’t have it to hand.  Don’t worry though, all is not lost as there are a few ways in which you can clean […]

How To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles

The Beatles were one of the most successful bands in the world and were adored by many.  Carpet beetles, on the other hand, are a menace which can wreak havoc in your home quicker than you can say ‘Get Back’.  In this article, we’re going to walk you through what these little blighters are, how […]